In 2020, Dr. James N. Masterson, D.O., Specialist in Sports Medicine and Concussion Management, and patients, Cheryl McCutcheon, Jayden Moffa, and Colleen Holnaider, co-founded the Westmoreland County Concussion Awareness Group. Dr. Masterson has 33 years' experience in treating patients with MTBI. All four co-founders are linked with social and professional ties, and a common perspective, concussion.

Together they are inspired to action from evidence suggesting that more than 50% of concussions are unreported due to the lack of knowledge and cultural insensitivity. In many cases, this translates to lack of care for those experiencing a concussion. The ultimate goal of the Westmoreland County Concussion Awareness Group is to improve recognition and acceptance of this injury, reducing short and long term consequences for those affected, while facilitating understanding and compassion. We aim to grow a network of resources through education and fund raising efforts.