In 2020, Dr. James N. Masterson, D.O. and former patient Cheryl McCutcheon, co-founded the Westmoreland County Concussion Awareness Group (WCCAG). Dr. Masterson had over 30 years experience in treating patients with mTBI. Both co-founders were linked with social and professional ties, and a common perspective, concussion. Following the passing of Dr. James Masterson in 2023, WCCAG felt the need to continue to advocate for patients with concussions and post concussion syndrome the way Dr. Masterson did with his patients.  Concussion Awareness Advocates was formed to carry on that legacy.

Our call to action is inspired by overwhelming evidence which suggests that more than 50% of concussions are unreported due to lack of knowledge and cultural insensitivity. In many cases, this translates to lack of care for those impacted by a concussion. Individual management always depends on the facts and circumstances specific to each case. Let us assure you that healing from a concussion is possible, and we hope you will find us to be an invaluable resource during your path to recovery.