When treating post-traumatic headache, it can be helpful to have a neurologist as part of your care team as these headaches can often mimic more familiar headache types. The approach to treatment is similar with a goal of a two-fold treatment: a focus on aborting the headache once it starts and a focus on preventing the headaches before they begin. However, by understanding the different and vast ways concussion can affect memory, cognition, cellular networks within the brain,behavior, etc. the treatments must be tailored to both the circumstance (i.e. post-concussive) and also to the individual. Treatments range from more common and popular medication choices to botulinum toxin injections, natural alternatives, and anticipated data regarding monthly injectables. Again, a team approach to management is most effective as a focus on personalized medicine is promoted. Care plans can include but are not limited to: medications, physical medicine such as massage, magnetic stimulation, trigger points, nerve blocks, behavioral therapy, sleep hygiene, etc

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