Functional Neurology Treatment

Concussion symptoms can be confusing. They do not always show up right away, can come and go throughout the day, and do not always go away without extra therapy. Chiropractic functional neurology specializes in helping people with concussions and gives hope for those suffering from brain injuries. The practice caught public attention in the early 2010's, when it was used by Dr.Ted Carrick to successfully treat the nearly career-ending concussion of professional hockey player, Sidney Crosby. Since then, chiropractic functional neurology has been used in the treatment of many other professional athletes and has gained increasing popularity and acceptance around the world. Functional neurology treatment uses a range of advanced techniques to treat neurological and brain-based conditions, such as concussions, post-concussion syndrome (PCS), headaches, migraines,dizziness, balance disorders, peripheral neuropathy, and more. This specifically designed therapy enhances the performance of your brain, stimulates your nervous system, and improves its function. 

Treatment is provided through an individualized approach, and is tailored to your specific needs according to the results of your initial consultation and exam. Treatment may include specific adjustments to the joints, muscle therapies, physical exercises, balance and vestibular rehabilitation, eye tracking exercises, cognitive training, and more. Treatments are brain based and follow the principles of neuroplasticity, which gives the brain the ability to change, rewire, relearn, and strengthen important connections. After a brain related injury, the brain will naturally attempt to create new pathways around the affected area, or allow the healthy area of the brain to take over by strengthening the already existing healthy connection. Different methods and techniques can be used to access particular parts of the brain that require strengthening. Many people have begun to turn to functional neurology as an alternative when mainstream medical practices are no longer able to help them resolve chronic health conditions related to the brain.

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