Vision Therapy

Acquired brain injuries resulting from a concussion or other head trauma can negatively impact the functioning of your visual system and the communication between your eyes and brain.  Traumatic brain injury or concussion symptoms can present themselves in a myriad of ways ranging from behavioral changes, inability to multitask, memory issues, physical ailments, disabilities and visual impairments. Detecting an issue with the eyes isn't always obvious since the symptoms presented aren't often seen as being related to the eyes or visual system. Fortunately, once properly identified there is a specialized form of visual rehabilitation that can play an integral part of restoring your visual system's normal function.

Visual rehabilitative therapy involves the strengthening of the muscles in ones' eyes to eliminate double vision, blurred vision, erratic eye movements and processing difficulties. It uses strategies that will aid the brain and visual system to communicate more effectively and efficiently. This is an individualized and customized therapy that often involves the use of lenses, prisms and other devices that aid in visual and auditory procedures. Visual rehabilitative therapy also involves the training of your brain to accurately and efficiently process visual information and eliminates any confusion that may be present. This can be achieved in part by utilizing a strobe light therapy technique with an associated software program to increase visual and special awareness. 

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