Exertion Therapy

Multiple systems in the body can be impaired when a person sustains a concussion. If a person returns to activity too soon, the brain may not heal appropriately leading to possible further damage or delay in healing. The International Conference on Concussion in Sport has published a specific return-to-play protocol to prevent further damage to the brain when returning to activity following a concussion. Recent studies have shown that “Exercise is Medicine.” However, the appropriate amount of exercise should be established under the care of a medical provider. Exertion therapy is a controlled step-wise approach to return to sport or activity.Studies show improved recovery and a reduced chance of developing Persistent Post Concussion Syndrome with early exercise in a controlled environment. Physical therapists are able to take a person through exertion therapy by monitoring the patient's symptoms and the body's response during aerobic and strengthening activities. These activities should be tailored to a person's individual goals of returning to daily routines,work or sports. Exertion Therapy also has a role in treating persistent post concussive symptoms caused by dysautonomia.

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